Have you carefully crafted a style sheet for use on [plans]? Post it here for public consumption. To use one of these slick little numbers, navigate to Preferences > Styles > Custom Style Sheet and then paste the URL of your choice. It's so easy... and so worth it.

Happy self-governance!

Change Log
Tuesday February 16, 2010. 4:02 PM Added Postmodern Black White Grey stylesheet. --[wangentz]
Monday August 24, 2009. 10:20 AM Added "Ever So Simple" Postmodern stylesheet and standardized listing format for Postmodern stylesheets. --[erbveron]
Sunday August 23, 2009. 4:05 PM Adding tip for creating new stylesheets
Saturday August 22, 2009. 9:07 AM Added "Antique" PoMo style sheet - [kugisaki]
Friday July 31, 2009. 8:53 AM Added Postmodern CSS development help request.
Sunday July 26, 2009. 2:07 PM Added one new postmodern stylesheet and 3 updated stylesheet URLs.
Saturday July 25, 2009. 5:55 PM Tried to cleanup this plan so it is legible. -[rootwile]
Friday July 24, 2009. 12:48 AM [montgom2] added "Blank Slate"

Making a Postmodern stylesheet? We've provided a set of CSS defaults to help jump-start stylesheets - it takes care of a lot of the finicky stuff like the plan length meter and how informational messages look. To use, include this line near the top of your stylesheet:

@import url('http://www.grinnellplans.com/styles/starter_defaults.css');

And then simply override any parts you don't like.

We're working on phasing out the old interfaces by recreating them with stylesheets. Once this is done, we'll need people to rewrite all (or at least most) of the old style sheets for Postmodern (although you won't have to do any positioning, that'll be taken care of). If you can help with this, please go to the Google Code ticket for this and leave a comment claiming whatever stylesheets you will redo.

If you use the Plants, MS Plans, or School Spirit Plans stylesheets, please update to this new URL:

Please Take Note: Change log is at top. Announcements have their own section. Postmodern stylesheets have their own section.

If any style sheet fails to work at the present moment, give it another try later. Most style sheets are hosted on cs.grinnell.edu, which can be somewhat cranky (sometimes).

Post-Modern Sheets

Postmodern Black White Grey (Preview) [wangentz] http://www.wangentz.org/grinnellplans/black_and_white/black_white.css (The width will adjust accordingly to fit your browser.)

Simple and Clean (Preview) [liujingt]
UPDATED (1/6/10) to link to newest version. Firefox and Safari tested. Toolbar of links and autoread list are fixed on screen, making them more accessible.

Sky (Preview) [rootwile]
It's mostly IE safe. Submit bugs, suggestions, and comments to rootwiley@gmail.com. I'll probably continue working on it for a week or two more, but it's good enough to use now.

Blank Slate (Preview) [montgom2]

Postmodern Green, basically still Slate (Preview) [zmudkama]

Postmodern Antique Style Sheet (Preview) [kugisaki]

Ever So Simple (Preview) [erbveron]
Tested in Firefox 3.5, Safari 4.0, IE8, IE6. I like responses, too (like [rootwile]), so please email them to veronicaerb@gmail.com.